Justice Studio Ltd is a UK based consultancy and research organisation.

We provide intelligence services to enable unions of nations, governments, and not-for-profit organisations better promote social justice. Clients value us for our ability to help them solve problems, gather and analyse evidence, plan for, and manage, change. Above all, they are able to trust that our objective is the same as theirs: to champion the rights and voices of their beneficiaries.

Social Justice Solutions

Who We Are

Our Experience

Reports We've Produced

Examples Of Our Products

Justice Studio prides itself on being able to undertake any assignment and help you to solve your problems. We use consultancy, research and design tools to understand your needs and deliver solutions that promote social justice. Examples of products we have delivered include:


  • Performance improvement
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Organisational change and development
  • Planning and strategy
  • Value for money and efficiency
  • Training, coaching and capacity building


  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Measuring beneficiary outcomes
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Engaging hard to reach and vulnerable groups
  • Rapid evidence assessments/reviews
  • Needs assessments and analysis


  • Designing and developing policy
  • Drafting national standards and by-laws
  • Drafting and developing legislation
  • Writing white papers and advocacy reports
  • Blending customary and religious practices with human rights standards

How We Work

How we work: Collaboratively - Honestly - Creatively


  • Justice Studio works with clients to identify creative approaches to your specific needs. We get to the heart of your problem quickly, use our time productively, and always meet deadlines.


  • There is no value for us in producing something that will not be used. We build on best practice but ensure that all solutions are relevant and workable in the specific context of each country. The work we undertake is useful, practical and of high quality.


  • We are driven by aiding those who have a lack of a voice in society, are discriminated against or are subject to injustice. Our solutions never lose sight of this. We strive to ensure that the rights and voices of your beneficiaries come first.