Our work in child justice encompasses children who have been in contact with the justice system, as well as children who have faced discrimination or injustice such as trafficking, forced labour or and abuse.

Gender Justice

We have a long track record working to improve outcomes for disadvantaged children in the UK. Some of our projects include:

We carried out an outcomes and value for money study of the Secure Children’s Homes in England and Wales, helping the Secure Accommodation Network to better define and understand the work they achieve for the children they look after. As well as sensitive consultations with children and staff, this study included a financial analysis of the homes to establish their value for money in comparison to other custodial and community settings for children with complex needs.

London Councils wanted to better understand how they could prevent county Lines and the modern Slavery of children. We undertook an extensive media and messaging literature review to identify and examine the leading media sources and ways in which they shape public perceptions of modern slavery and county lines and, with YouGov, a poll with over 1,000 Londoners and the general public across the UK. Delving deepering into public perception through focus groups we developed recommendations on how to better protect young Londoners.

We worked with Hampshire County Council’s Wessex Dance Academy in 2013 and again in 2020 to help them assess the outcomes they have achieved for the young people with complex needs. Using qualitative, quantitative and participatory research we carried out an in-depth study of their cohorts of young people as they undertook the intensive dance programme. As a result of our wok, Ofsted featured the Academy as an example of good practice re-engaging young people not in employment education or training, having evidenced better outcomes and reduced reoffending rates for the young people on the course. We are very proud to have been part of evidencing the Academy’s impact.

Justice Studio is really proud to have been influential in the move towards child justice worldwide. For example:

In 2014-2015 we worked with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Save the Children and UNICEF to create the first ever Child Rights Act in Somaliland. This included designing and leading the consultation process with the Somaliland people, conducting focus groups with all strata of society including children, women, community groups, International NGOs and government departments. Based on these consultations, existing Somaliland legislation, customary law, as well as sharia law, international and regional conventions and instruments our consultants designed and drafted the legislation. The Act designed the child protection legal and governance structures and had articles protecting children from all forms of abuse.

We undertook extensive child protection training with police officers for UNICEF North Macedonia to ensure that they appropriately investigated child victims and children conflict with the law. The training consisted of modules on children at risk, and risk and protective factors, safeguarding vulnerable witnesses and victims and safeguarding children on arrest and interrogation. The majority of the participants on the training rated the course modules excellent.

Penal Reform International commissioned us to evaluate their iproject aimed at tackling Violence Against Children in closed institutions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We assessed the effectiveness and sustainability of the project using a mixed method approach consisting of literature review of relevant research and project documentation, a survey, and semi-structured interviews with stakeholders carried out in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan during September 2016.