Gender justice spans feminism, and LGBTQI+ activism. Much of our work in this area has included analysis and strengthening of gender justice movements as well as organisations working specifically in this field.

Gender Justice

Our Gender Justice projects in the UK include:

Comic ReliefWe carried out a scoping study for Comic Relief onto uncover pioneering examples of feminist action that were successfully empowering women and girls. We carried out a mapping exercise of feminist groups and funders operating in the UK and abroad, and assessed a number of specific examples of good practice, identified successes, as well as barriers and challenges to progress. Our recommendations enabled Comic Relief to take leadership in funding the feminist sector and instigate a more flexible and innovative funding model.

SolaceJustice Studio carried out rapid pro-bono research for Solace Women’s Aid on the impact of lockdown measures on domestic violence during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. We conducted in-depth interviews with women in emergency hostel accommodation in London, as well as semi-structured interviews with Solace staff and management during the UK lockdown. Our findings informed our joint responses to UK government policy consultations.

Justice Studio is increasingly undertaking gender justice projects including work on feminist and LGBT+ movement building. For example:

EJADuring 2019 we worked for the Royal Commonwealth Society and partners via the Equality and Justice Alliance (the Commonwealth Society) to explore an intergenerational approach to women’s and LGBT+ movement building. In this research we mapped the approaches and movements in the regions of Pacific and Caribbean and Southern Africa. We also undertook a comprehensive literature review and qualitative semi-structured interviews with representatives youth activists and older generations activists from LGBT and women’s movements to qualitatively explore engagement best practice.

WomankindWomankind Worldwide commissioned Justice Studio to undertake an evaluation of their Strategy Building Women’s Movements for Transformational Change 2016-2021. With our consultants based in Uganda and Zimbabwe, we conducted 49 interviews with stakeholders in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nepal. We then identified key challenges and how they could have been / might be mitigate and provided an analysis of implications and recommendations for Womankind’s future strategic direction.

APPIn partnership with AdvocAid, African Prisons Project (APP) and Defence for Children International Sierra Leone, Defence for Children Internationalwe designed and led pro bono research on girls living on the streets, in detention, and being sexually exploited. AdvocAidThis included interviewing key stakeholders including the police, girls in conflict with the law and members of the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs and critically assessing the treatment and detention of girls against the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders otherwise known as “the Bangkok rules.”