Justice Studio offers consultancy, research and advice services. We help our clients to solve problems, gather and analyse evidence, plan for, and manage, change.


The best way of improving services to your service users is to first understand what they need. We carry out research and sensitive consultations to help you to better understand the situation of the people you are helping. That way you can design programmes and services that are have the most impact.


We can work with you to ensure your programmes and services are performing in a way that has the most impact. We undertake capacity building, training and coaching to better equip your staff, and have designed programmes and policies which ensure outcomes for beneficiaries are achieved.


We can be that critical friend you need, working with your senior management team and board to improve your strategy, organisational strength, and manage difficult organisational transitions and changes.


Justice Studio is adept at carrying out mixed method (qualitative and quantitative research) to inform organisations’ projects and strategy including:

  • Exploratory research
  • Baseline assessments for projects and programmes
  • Needs assessments
  • Gap analyses
  • Rapid evidence reviews
  • Good practice reviews

Organisational Improvement

Justice Studio is adept at organisational diagnostics, reviews and health checks of organisations to assess where they are and where they may want to improve to be fulfilling their full potential. We also have extensive experience of strengthening capacity through training and coaching.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Justice Studio offers process, outcome and impact evaluations. We have a particular strength in measuring qualitative outcomes from beneficiaries that might seem otherwise hard to capture. We can assist with:

  • Process evaluation
  • Outcomes evaluations
  • Impact evaluations
  • Theory based evaluations
  • Embedding monitoring procedures

Strategy & Planning

Justice Studio helps organisations recognise their organisational purpose, and forge a plan for improvement and overcoming different eventualities. The process is led by intelligence, understanding the organisational aims, and rooted in what the organisation wants to achieve for its service users. We work with organisations in a strategic way, maximising their strengths and supporting them in identifying challenges and ways to address them.

Strategic Communications

At Justice Studio we support organisations of various sizes with strategic communications. We help them by researching who the right audiences are, iterating the most appropriate messaging and identifying the best channels for telling their story, be it by training them in working with traditional media, teaching them to use the latest social media diagnostic tools or assisting them in lobbying individual decision makers in order to influence lasting change.