At Justice Studio we are driven by our values. They motivate us, inform the way that we work and how we create relationships with those we work with. Our core values can be summarised as:


Our consultants are caring, compassionate and have a humane approach. We are not afraid of acknowledging our own emotions and using these to better understand people’s drivers and experiences.


With an understanding of what it feels like to not be heard, we are driven by aiding those who have a lack of a voice in society, are discriminated against or are subject to injustice. Our solutions never lose sight of this. We strive to ensure that the lesser heard voices come first.


We value honesty and strive for integrity. We are able to, and feel it is important to, report both good and bad news to our clients. They must trust that we will give them truthful information, and honest advice and feedback.


We are passionate about human rights and the quality of our work. You will find our consultants enthusiastic to help find solutions to your problems, and optimistically setting out what is needed to improve things.