Compassionate Consultancy Training

Utilising and passing on our unique compassionate style of consulting, this training course, led by our Managing Director, is aimed at equipping the freelance and in-house consultant with all they need to deliver successful and empathetic consultancy projects.

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        Dates: May 4th, 10th, 17th and 24th 

        Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm UK Time 

        Location: Online (log in details sent after registration)


Who is it for?

This course is suitable for you if you are interested in moving into a consultancy career or operate as a freelance consultant.

It is also suitable if you currently work as a consultant in a consulting organisation or serve in a strategic position in your organisation about to navigate or lead any complex organisational development challenges.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be competent, not just in the standard management consultancy tools, frameworks and processes, but have an additional understanding of consultancy from an empathetic point of view. You will be able to skilfully analyse and assess the psychological issues that arise in an organisation and how best to use your strategic vision and creativity to successfully navigate them.

Module 1: Skills and Relationships

This module gives the participant a complete overview of the consultancy process, key competencies and methodologies, as well as how to navigate client relationships, especially the difficult ones. It is the complete introduction to consultancy for those who are interested in stepping into this field. It consolidates and enhances those who have begun to navigate their consultancy career.

  1. Consultancy Process (design, execution, follow up)
  2. Competency (knowledge, skills, mind-set)
  3. Client Relationships (know yourself, know them, dealing with difficult clients)
  4. Outputs and Outcomes (designing methodologies, creativity, flexibility

Course Outcomes 

  • Confidence in executing the consultancy process
  • Clarity on the knowledge, skills and mind-set of an empathetic consultant
  • Be able to better create and build client relationships
  • Confidence in designing methodologies and an enhanced creativity
  • Strategies for maximising your consultancy income while maintaining your value and strategic edge

Module 2: Organisational development & design

This module introduces the participant to the most up to date theories and models of organisational design and psychology. It embeds in the participant the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to assist organisations through periods of change and transition. It is essential learning for organisational leaders, managers and consultants who are facing, navigating or leading organisational change initiatives.  

Course Content:

  1. Organisational structures and development
  2. Organisational anxiety
  3. Change and Transition
  4. Managing successful transitions 

Course Outcomes

  • Clarity on different organisational structures and cultures
  • Be able to understand, and work with, organisational anxiety
  • Understanding of organisational change and how to navigate it
  • Understand the importance and stages of transition and be able to navigate through them.

Marianne Moore


Marianne Moore is a management consultant with over 17 years experience in strategy and organisational development. She has consulted for governments, charities and multilateral bodies such as UNICEF and the Council of Europe. Marianne has worked extensively in the UK, and in over 30 countries across the world. She founded her own boutique consultancy firm, Justice Studio, in 2011, and has developed a style of consulting that emphasises an appreciation and understanding of both emotional intelligence and skill-based methodologies.


This course is £699 plus VAT per day or two days for £1299 plus VAT.

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What do you get? 

  • Tuition from experienced consultant and consultancy business founder
  • Course content and slides for reference
  • Follow up support in the form of three 45 minute advice/coaching sessions with the trainer for up to 6 months following the training

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Compassionate Consultancy Training