In everything we do, Justice Studio is driven by our social purpose which is to create global social equality by assisting and challenging organisations, governments and ourselves to be the best we can be.

Our purpose is our reason for existing, what guides us in our strategic objectives, and the marker by which we make key decisions.

Justice Studio is an organic, living thing, driven by the authenticity and passions of our staff. We believe that by understanding and unlocking each person’s true self and potential, we achieve Justice Studio’s purpose in the world.

Our work should always benefit society. Through challenge and support we work with our clients to ensure that they are doing good in the world, and taking us to a place of greater social equality.

Justice Studio is a social enterprise which means that we have a ‘triple bottom line’. Since February 2019 we have been registered as a social enterprise with Social Enterprise UK.

We enjoy being self-sufficient and the majority of our income comes from providing consultancy and research work for fees. We also receive grants for our most innovative research work. We feel our unique status enables us to provide an independent voice.

Part of our mission is to change the nature of business and to show that companies do not have to be solely driven by making money. We envision a society in which all companies are not only driven by profit but by social good.

Justice Studio is a feminist business, which means that we understand we operate in a patriarchal society and we are committed to dismantling that power structure.

Founded, owned and led by women, Justice Studio is proud to buck the trend of the majority of consultancy organisations. Fostering a culture of trust and empathy rather than control and hierarchy, we embrace things that are dismissed by transitional business, such as our emotions and our desires.

From equal parental leave to using feminist research methodologies, we have embedded our feminist approach in our policies and procedures. We have the explicit objective of ensuring that our structure, culture and all the work that we do in the world furthers gender equality.